Buenos Aires Herald. Great performances - October 2015

"The venue was the Teatro del Globo, an intimate hall close to the Coliseo. In such a space you don’t need a big orchestra; the ad-hoc one numbered 40 players and they were enough. The conductor was the talented Lucía Zicos and the producer was Damián Mahler (son of Ángel), who included a short piece conducted by himself: Remembranza, an agreeable melody.I was rather surprised by the choice of Tchaikovsky’s First Concerto, for this famous standard stresses virtuosity rather than substance, but Formaro wasn’t flashy: meeting all the mechanical demands, he gave sense and reflexion to what is often just a vehicle for display. Here and elsewhere, Zicos and the orchestra, a plausible ensemble, accompanied well." Pablo Bardin

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Buenos Aires Herald

BUENOS AIRES HERALD (Buenos Aires) Diciembre de 2014


Even if women are still vastly outnumbered in the world (and here), things are gradually changing, and such names as Young or Mälkki in Europe are respected and admired. And here, Zicos is a good example of a talented young artist.

Pablo Bardin



ENTRE NOTAS (Rosario) Octubre de 2014


La directora de orquesta que hace unas semanas desempeñó distintas actividades en nuestra ciudad, participa de la nominación a la mejor composición clásica contemporánea por Ausencias de Claudia Montero dirigiendo a la Orquesta de Cuerdas Buenos Aires. La ceremonia de la 15º edición de premios Grammy Latinos será el próximo 20 de noviembre en Las Vegas – EUA.....

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EntrenotasRevista Digital ENTRE NOTAS (Rosario) Septiembre de 2014

Lucía Zicos es una directora de orquesta que viene a trabajar a Rosario con asiduidad y, por estos días de setiembre, está participando de tres actividades que abarcan la música sinfónica, la camarístisca y las orquestas juveniles. Entre ellas, este Miércoles 17 de setiembre a las 21 en el Teatro La Comedia, será la directora invitada de la Orquesta de Cámara Municipal que interpretará obras de Mendelssohn, Puccini, Wolf y Dvorak. Además recientemente fue finalista del 6° Concorso Internazionale per Direttori d’opera en  Orvieto, Italia...

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Marcos Fotos loreley
Was a revelation Mtra. Lucia Zicos who drew from the orchestra the best of them, giving us a brilliant reading of this beautiful score rich in details and nuances. Just in time, states in the conclusion, smart fares ballet showcasing the orchestration of Catalani.

Prof. Christian Lauria



Marcos Fotos culturanacional
The Opera House of Buenos Aires  presented in the Teatro Avenida "Loreley" of Alfredo Catalani.The orchestra was conducted by Lucia Zicos, with further studies in opera conducting, she was the key. For this reason it was not surprising that she was the most  applauded at the end of the work.

La cultura Nacional - Mariana Fracassi Lazzarini



Marcos Fotos laprensa
In the pit was the earnest orchestra of the corporation, led by Lucia Zicos, who was enthusiastic  and showed incipient but promising qualities.

La Prensa - Carlos Ure

Marcos Fotos diariodecuyo
Diario de Cuyo, in March 2010 (San Juan)

It is the timeless romantic opera by Giuseppe Verdi, debuted last Thursday at the Teatro Sarmiento and did it with glory. The hall was filled with connoisseurs and beginners during the four acts of the performance, remained almost without blinking, and wore their palms-vibrato (the ovation was so exquisite as the vocal soloists). The orchestral performance showed particulary excellence and discipline (especially her conductor Lucia Zicos)

Marcos Fotos barbero
Como lo ves, May 2009 (San Juan)

"Barber of Seville" was  acclaimed.Singers, superbly amalgamated with music performed by the UNSJ Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Lucia Zicos) provided to the viewer a festival of senses.


Marcos Fotos lacapitalLa Capital, June 2009 (Mar del Plata)

On this occasion, Ms. Zicos came to the dress rehearsal with a very  polished Schumann. That was demonstrated by its fast tempo, which marked clearly at all times, and cohesion and homogeneity in passages committed to the strings (for example in first and last movement). The merger with the metals cannot be addressed in this work without the special attention on its harmony and balance. Schumann´s  Rhenish is not only a cerebral symphony, it cannot be interpreted from the single technique, and purely technical approach without the romantic pathos. All the right condiments were in the performance.


Marcos Fotos elzonda
El Zonda
, December 2008, San Juan.

"Carmina Burana" was the title that came in the scene of the hand of Alexander Meerapfel (baritone), Gabriela Ceaglio (soprano) and Daniel Asrin (tenor), as soloists. The gala was accompanied by the University Choir and musicians, conducted by Lucia Zicos. The night had really perfect line and virtuosity.

Marcos Fotos elzondaEl Zonda, May 2008, San Juan 

Sensational debut of "La Boheme" at the Teatro Sarmiento. The audience enjoyed the excellent performance of soloists, and the quality of UNSJ Symphony. This opera was performed at a high level of musicianship and expressive interpretation. The  debut of Saturday night was impeccable. Lucia Zicos, leading the UNSJ Symphony Orchestra, was received with a pleasant acceptance from the audience. (...) Another highlight was the musical accompaniment of the orchestra. As the maximum stress developed on the stage, the orchestra offered an excellent complement to giving it force and drama to the action of the characters. Excitement from beginning to end.

Marcos Fotos tiempodemusica
The young conductor Lucia Zicos has surprised pleasantly  performing the overture to Don Giovanni (Mozart). She  enthralled those present with their natural and very educational empathy with the orchestra.She gave substantial indications of interpretation, as well as to evoke a transcendental aspect execution as the management of strings bows . Zicos showed great wisdom by reducing the proportion of the strings, to maintain balanced sound with the winds and as classic as possible.



Marcos Fotos perfil

Lucía Zicos has showed in both rounds, a superior performance than the other participants.

PERFIL journal (Buenos Aires), March 2008 

Marcos Fotos hradeckralove
, August 2, 2005. (Czech Republic)

Hradec’s Philharmonic has been cooperating with American conductor Brian Asher Alhadeff for four years. He himself though, due to a sudden illness, did not conduct this Sunday night; the performance was led with clear gestures and a firm hand of Miss Lucia Zicos, who works as an assistant conductor in one of the most prominent opera houses of Latin America - the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.