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Lucía Zicos: the classical music conductor of the moment

She is one of the few women who fulfill that role in a profession where men are the majority. She razes her temper as soon as she steps on stage. She transforms, as if it were a beast in constant movement. Literally, she is the one who directs the baton: everyone looks at her and carries out her orders to the score through her gestures: some soft, harmonious, and others more ferocious or bombastic.

Clarín Espectáculos | Maximiliano Kronenberg Clarín Espectáculos | Maximiliano Kronenberg

Concert by the National Symphony Orchestra with Lucía Zicos and Daniela Tabernig

Lucía Zicos, on this occasion addressed works absent from the usual repertoire, of great technical requirement and musical value. A double merit: rescuing them and being able to performs them as she did with one of the most important symphonic organizations in the country.

Asociación de Críticos Musicales de la Argentina | Eduado Balestena Asociación de Críticos Musicales de la Argentina | Eduado Balestena

The Filiberto Orchestra celebrates 8M by initiating its relationship with the conductor Zicos and together with eight women

The Argentine National Music Orchestra Juan de Dios Filiberto begins its season under the baton of Lucía Zicos, main guest conductor of the cast in 2022

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Lucía Zicos: “It is important to learn how to build from mistakes in any area you work”

Música Clásica de Buenos Aires | Virginia Chacon Dorr Música Clásica de Buenos Aires | Virginia Chacon Dorr

The conductor, one of the most active in our environment, returns to the Filiberto’s podium with a program that she feels very close to.

Zicos has just recorded two works by the Argentine composer Claudia Montero, which will be released on disk. In March, at the CCK, she conducted the Camerata Argentina de Mujeres and was in charge of the curation of a program of female composers. As the pandemic allows, her professional activity is reconfigured and she hopes that commitments will gradually be reorganized. “I would like to work more with current composers, to be able to record those works, to approach joint work in the creative process, as a work in progress. The time of the pandemic forced us to digital communication, but it leaves us with an experience that it is possible to take advantage of in the future, to make the music produced here reach other places “, assures the conductor and concludes:” It is important to stimulate creation of Argentine composers, who are always missing from the programs of traditional orchestras ”.

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Lucia Zicos. One of the few female orchestral conductors in Argentina.

“Music became an expressive bridge, capable of generating an emotional bond with audience, whether or not they were experts in the classical genre […]

Zicos conducted these days the Camerata Argentina de Mujeres, which, within the framework of the tributes that take place at the CCK, performed works by seven contemporary Argentine composers […]

She is committed to a sensitive approach to the public so that classical music is disclosed. […]

Doctor in Music, Zicos debuted in England at the head of the Darlington Festival Opera. Since then she has conducted in various parts of the world and also in the country”

Revista Ñ - Diario Clarín Revista Ñ - Diario Clarín


Precisely if there was a salient edge on this evening it was the growth of Zicos as performer. She guided with intelligence, with full gestural expressiveness and she obtained responses from the group at formidable moments. Her understanding with all the soloists participating in the programming was total and all the versions had full balance. […] Zicos managed to take expressiveness to the maximum, making the Orchestra completely free and look comfortable throughout the entire work. She has achieved extraordinary acting growth and hopefully we can see her directing more often. She certainly deserves it.

Donato Decina | De Paraíso para Usted Por siempre coloneros

Zicos is a good example of a talented young artist

Although female conductors continue to be vastly outnumbered by their male peers around the world and here, things are changing a bit, and names like Young or Mälkki are respected and admired in Europe. And here, Zicos is a good example of a talented young artist.

Buenos Aires Herald (Capital Federal) | Pablo Bardin

Lucia Zicos at the Latin Grammys

The conductor who a few weeks ago performed different activities in our city, participates in the nomination for the best contemporary classical composition by Claudia Montero’s Ausencias conducting the Buenos Aires String Orchestra. The ceremony of the 15th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards will be on November 20 in Las Vegas – USA …



It was evident in the “Poemas de los mares australes” by Alberto Williams that Lucía Zicos developed an arduous and highly effective work.

Then it was the turn of Richard Strauss and his “Four last songs”, Zicos managed to extract wonderful passages from the orchestra with notable interventions from all sectors of the ensemble.

The closing came from the “Konzertmusik”, Op. 50 for strings and brass by Paul Hindemith. Lucía Zicos did a job that allowed her to round off a wonderful job. Moments of brilliance and noble smoothness on the strings and very good interventions of the brass resulted in the immediate approval of the audience, which required the conductors greeting three times.

Del paraíso para UD. | Donato Decina Del paraíso para UD. | Donato Decina


Zicos fully understood the work (R. Strauss: Last four songs): if the singing is essential, the orchestration often adds moments without the voice, with well-played horn and concertmaster solos, and the orchestra is large, with all the richness of timbres of the best Strauss.

Tribuna Musical | Pablo Bardin Tribuna Musical | Pablo Bardin

The “Juan de Dios Filiberto” orchestra and a special concert in the week of 8M

On Women’s Day concert, the national orchestra dedicated to Argentine music will make a special presentation that will feature the voice of Patricia Sosa, the baton of Lucía Zicos and the participation of outstanding guest musicians.

Prensa Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación | Adriana Daoiz Prensa Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación | Adriana Daoiz

Music and gender equality
Female conductors: time to take the lead

Eight female orchestra conductors, who hold leadership positions here and abroad, reflect on the difficulties, prejudices, and pending achievements when it comes to accessing positions of power

Revista Ñ - Diario Clarín | Margarita Pollini Revista Ñ - Diario Clarín | Margarita Pollini

¡Música, maestra!”: Lucía Zicos in concert tomorrow at the CCK.

“With a program made up of works by contemporary composers, the conductor sought to balance musical genres.

Doctor in music and faculty at the UCA, Zicos, despite her youth, already has a solid national and international career. In England she conducted Tchaikovsky’s “Eugene Onegin” and Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro” at the head of the Dartington Festival Orchestra. At the Opera in Sofia, Bulgaria, she performed “La Bohème” by Puccini, “Così fan tutte” by Mozart and “Aida” by Verdi.

Locally, she conducted a dozen titles at the San Juan Opera, and in 2010 she performed  “Loreley”, by Catalani, at the Avenida Theater, with the well-remembered soprano Adelaida Negri, and at the Teatro Colón she participated in the Cycle of Argentine Interpreters. She performed the musical direction of the album “Ausencias”, winner of a 2014 Latin Grammy, and of the album “Mágica y Misteriosa”, which was Best Classical Music Album at the Latin Grammy 2018, both with music by the Argentine composer Claudia Montero.”

Diario Ámbito Financiero Diario Ámbito Financiero

ECOS … Mozarteum Argentino – Centro Cultural Kirchner

Pablo Bardin | Columnista invitado POR SIEMPRE COLONEROS…

“Zicos is a skillful director.”

Buenos Aires Piano Sinfónico

“The conductor was the talented Lucía Zicos and the producer was Damian Mahler, who included a short piece directed by himself: Remembranza, with a pleasant melody. I was a little surprised by the choice of Tchaikovsky’s First Concert, because this is a famous “standard” that highlights virtuosity and not depth, but Antonio Formaro was not superficial at all: fulfilling all the mechanical demands, he gave meaning and reflection to what is usually only a vehicle for the exhibition. In this and other ways, Zicos and the orchestra, an efficient ensemble, accompanied very well.”

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Guatemala: Alaíde Foppa Women’s Youth Symphony Orchestra, inaugural concert

“An 11-year-old girl, the conductor of the Kimberly Flores Choir, the conductor of the Lucía Zicos Orchestra and all the members of the Alaíde Foppa Women’s Youth Symphony Orchestra, made us feel that the struggle of Guatemalan women is also done through voices, strings, wind and percussion, it was exciting: beautiful. They made the public vibrate at the concert in commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.” (Guatemala) | Danilo Santos


Marcos Fotos loreleyA whole revelation turned out to be Mtra. Lucia Zicos who extracted the best of himself from the orchestra, giving us a brilliant reading of this beautiful score rich in details and nuances. Just in time, precise in concertation, intelligent in ballet passages where the Catalani orchestra shines.
Prof. Christian Lauria
Marcos Fotos culturanacionalThe Buenos Aires Opera House presented at the Teatro Avenida “Loreley” by Alfredo Catalani.The orchestra was conducted by conductor Lucía Zicos, with advanced studies in conducting operas, it was a key piece. For this reason it is not surprising that it was the most applauded at the end of the work.
La cultura Nacional – Mariana Fracassi Lazzarini
Marcos Fotos laprensaBeautiful reappearance of a Catalani Opera
(…) In the pit was the determined orchestra of the same corporation, conducted by Lucía Zicos, a thirty-three-year-old teacher, who was enthusiastic and showed incipient but promising qualities.
The Press – Carlos Ure